Self Portrai Mirror

Aug 26, 2004 - Sep 8, 2004

Acrylic paintings on canvas by Theodore Pelmus

Born in Tulcea, Romania and formally educated in Bucharest at the National University of Arts, Theodore obtained a Masters degree in fine arts before moving to Canada. Possessing multiple awards for his abstract self-portraits, Theodore's work has been shown internationally.

Through the use of broad brushstrokes, vivid palettes and a bold technique, Theodore conveys his sense of self as seen through both spiritual and physical reflection. Passionate about his work, Theodore is also a member of an artist group, which conducts live art performances in addition to art exhibitions.

"One of the symbols of the mirror is reciprocity of consciences. The self-portrait is the mirror of the self-portrait. The use of the mirror in the process of the self-portrait has the power to reveal what is hidden and to transform what can be understood.

It creates a dialog between the mirror and the self-portrait between reflection of the mind and reflection of the mirror. My paintings are micro-events, which propel themselves inside an image at the core of sensibility, these paintings put into focus, latent cultural and conceptual emotions, condensed in the shape of the self-portrait."

- Theodore Pelmus

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